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Historic Downtown Orangeville Walking Tour


Historic Downtown Orangeville

Be transported back in time as you wander through the streets of Orangeville and admire the simple homes and structures that defined an era long ago. Take a stroll along Broadway and look up to the third storeys to catch a glimpse of the intricate details and decorative brickwork that made up the original storefronts and created the beautiful shopping district we enjoy today.

Discover Orangeville’s heritage by taking a self-guided walking tour which highlights significant buildings as well as the people connected to them. Download your copy of the walking tour guide here. Properties are described using the name of the original owner or builder, followed by the construction date and street address. The abbreviation “c.” indicates a probable date. Architectural terms will help you learn about Orangeville’s built heritage.

Unless otherwise noted, properties listed on this tour are privately owned. Please do not trespass on private property. Use caution when crossing the road and travelling on side streets. The three self-guided tours will take you approximately an hour and a half and will return you to the Town Hall.

Hard copies of the walking tour brochure can be picked up at the Orangeville Town Hall.