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Orangeville BIA
Meeting of the Board of Management
Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 0700,
BIA Office, 172 Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario

Mission: To support our members’ by contributing to the economic, cultural and social wellbeing of our community.

Members: Veronica Cvet, Shawn Koroscil, Christine Patton, Troy Brett
Invited Guests: Carolyn Tann-Jacobs, Best Western Plus Orangeville Inn & Suites (confirmed); Mike Beattie, Mill Creek Pub
Regrets: Joe Sammut, Steve Stevens, Councillor Garisto
1. Call to Order 0700 hours – T. Brett
2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest – T. Brett
3. Attendance – As listed above –T. Brett
4. Review and Approve Budget Meeting Minutes of December 14th, 2016 – T. Brett
5. Review and Approve AGM Meeting Minutes of January 31st, 2017 – T. Brett
6. Officers Report
a) OBIA Strategic Plan – T. Brett
b) Event/Market/Communications/Administration Duties – A. Scheel
c) Streetscape Contract 2017 & Beyond – A. Scheel
7. OBIA Strategic Plan Progress Dashboard Review – T. Brett
8. Strategic Pillars – Monthly Check-in
a) Customer Attraction – Staff Status Reports
i) Marketing Update – A. Scheel
ii) Events Update – A. Scheel
iii) Farmers’ Market Update – A. Scheel
b) Member Engagement – Committee Reports
i) Member Visits – All
ii) Events Committee – V. Cvet
iii) Streetscape Committee – V. Cvet
c) Beautification/Unique Spaces – Committee Reports
i) Streetscape Committee – V. Cvet
ii) Communities in Bloom – V. Cvet
d) Stakeholder Alignment – Committee Reports
i) Headwaters Tourism – A. Scheel
ii) Blues and Jazz Festival – A. Scheel
iii) Heritage Committee – V. Cvet
iv) Economic Development – T. Brett
v) Arts & Culture – A. Scheel
vi) Access Orangeville – A. Scheel
e) Organizational Effectiveness – Staff Status Reports
i) Administrative Reports – A. Scheel

9. Financial Report
a) Financial Reports to January 31st, 2017 – S. Koroscil
b) Move 2016 Surplus to the OBIA’s General Reserves – A. Scheel
c) Canadian Tire Levy Refund – S. Koroscil
10. Parking Lot (Deferred) Items
d) Boundary Expansion
e) Farmers’ Market Relocation
f) Discount Days
g) Town-wide Event/Risk Management Plan
h) Member Engagement/Survey
10. New Business
a) Rebranding – A. Scheel
b) RED Grant – A. Scheel
c) Domains – A. Scheel
d) Property Agreements – A. Scheel
e) Snow Clearing Correspondence – A. Scheel
f) OBIAA Conference – A. Scheel
g) Board Meeting Schedule & Attendance – A. Scheel