The OBIA and Better Together Task Force work to create community spaces and nurture the beautification of the downtown core. As part of these initiatives, we are looking to work with a local artist to create an engaging new mural.

Located on the western facing wall of the Sport-Medic building (106 Broadway), we wish to transform the space into an engaging art piece that appeals to both locals and visitors. The mural will be 8’ high by 16’ wide and should reflect the vibrancy and creativity of Orangeville, celebrating our community and what it has to offer.

The design should prompt interaction by encouraging passers-by to take photographs, it should be clearly recognizable from a distance and add to the beauty of the downtown core. The artwork should be bright and positive in nature and designed to suit a larger-scale installation. The theme for the piece will focus on spring and summer florals, celebrating and embracing the beautiful natural spaces that surround Orangeville. Dragonflies and flowers are required elements for the design of the mural, the artist is free to incorporate and feature these elements in a way that reflects their style and vision. 

A muralist can paint the mural directly on 4 - 4’ x 8’ boards provided by the OBIA (painting can be done onsite or in studio) OR an artist can create a smaller piece in the same height and width ratio (1:2) as the mounted mural that the OBIA will photograph, enlarge, print on vinyl, and mount.  The OBIA will be responsible for installation of the mural boards.

The successful muralist/artist will be awarded $1500 for their art piece.  The OBIA reserves the right to reproduce images of the mural for marketing and promotional purposes. 

Application Process

The application and selection process will occur in 2 stages:

  1. Initial Submission:

No original artwork is required for the initial application phase. Artists are to submit a short bio and a small portfolio of work (5 – 8 examples of work). If you have experience with mural or large-scale pieces, we highly encourage you to submit these in your examples. The OBIA and Better Together Task Force will review submissions. 

Submission Deadline: August 4th, 2023

Submit to: Cara Ware -

  • Shortlist Submission:

Based on the initial submissions, 3 x artists will be shortlisted and asked to submit a proposal for their piece (no final artwork required). The proposal will consist of a mock-up of the design highlighting composition, content, and colour.  A selection committee will select from the submitted proposals.

Submission Deadline: August 25, 2023

Submit to: Cara Ware –

We look forward to receiving your submission.

Alison Scheel

OBIA General Manager