In November of 2018, a Destination Assessment of Orangeville, Ontario, was conducted, and the findings were presented in a two-and-a-half hour workshop. The assessment provides an unbiased overview of Orangeville—how it is seen by a visitor. It includes a review of local marketing efforts, signage, attractions, critical mass, retail mix, ease of getting around, customer service, visitor amenities such as parking and public washrooms, overall appeal, and the community’s ability to attract overnight visitors.
If you attended the Community Assessment presentation on November 9th, you already know that Roger Brooks thinks that Downtown Orangeville is an excellent destination for great food, arts and culture!  
Roger also had a lot other things to say too, so if you missed it , the presentation is well worth watching!  He's an engaging presenter and doesn't hold back, so put aside some time, get comfy and watch! 
The presenter offers many suggestions to make Downtown Orangeville a more welcoming place for visitors and residents alike.  Some of the suggestions are for property and/or business owners, some require investment of time & money by the BIA, others will require the support of the Town of Orangeville, and a few of the suggestions require huge investments and are a bit controversial like removal of the medians. The suggestion to remove the medians has gotten a lot of attention on social media, but please note that this was a suggestion only and has not been identified as a goal/priority for the BIA at this early stage and should not be the focus of this exercise.  Its the smaller, easier things that will make the biggest impact, and these will likely be the focus for the BIA in the coming months.
Roger Brooks is offering FREE membership to his Destination Development Association this year!  It's a great opportunity to learn from the master for no cost!  He offers webinars and resources to help local businesses increase their sales and to help make our community a sought-after destination for investment, as a place to live, and visit.  There are monthly webinars, discussion rooms where you can ask questions and get advice, dozens of videos on everything from branding and marketing to wayfinding signage, PDF guides - all at no charge through 2019. View the full community assessment report here: