Week of June 1st 2020

  Hi everyone!   You can now find each week’s Member Update and other important emails on our website:  https://downtownorangeville.ca/member-news/.  Whether you missed an email somewhere along the way or would like to re-visit a particular subject, this is a convenient way to browse through some of our recent programs and announcements. My weekly emails to you will continue but please bookmark this link on your web browser so that you can easily find it again and access the latest Member information.  Onto this week’s news!  


Have your say! Do you want to extend restaurant patios? Close Broadway to vehicle traffic? Expand outdoor retail space? The Town of Orangeville is asking for your feedback!  Please complete this short seven-question survey TODAY if possible.  Deadline is Thursday, June 4th at 4:30 p.m.  Survey link https://conta.cc/36PiDPj  


The first “modified” Farmers Market was a success and we expect increasing participation in the coming weeks as shoppers grow accustomed to the new “shop online & pick up” model and more vendors are added.  Also, we anticipate being able to move toward a more traditional market shopping experience very soon!   The location, in the parking lot directly behind Town Hall, will hopefully encourage more shoppers to come downtown and shop/dine/utilize services in Downtown Orangeville.  Visit https://downtownorangeville.ca/orangeville-farmers-market/ to learn more.  


Congratulations to THEATRE ORANGEVILLE for their feature in the York Durham Headwaters “Ultimate Virtual Road Trip Series”.   Check it out here: https://yorkdurhamheadwaters.ca/music-and-cocktails-from-theatre-orangeville/  


SHOP DOWNTOWN ORANGEVILLE is going strong, with new members being added each week.   The more businesses we can showcase on there, the better it will be, so please contact me if you would like to a) Create an online storefront and sell your products on Shop Downtown Orangeville or b) Create an online storefront and link directly to your own online store.   I can help you figure out which option is best for you, and I’ll be here every step of the way should you wish to join!  Restaurants and service members are welcome too!  Check out Edelweiss Skin to see how great your online store can look!  https://shopdowntownorangeville.ca/pages/seller-profile/edelweiss_skin    


Each week I hope to send you a positive update from one of our members.  If you have something uplifting to share, please get in touch!   This week I want to recognize all of the amazing collaborations and acts of kindness I’ve seen over the last few months between members, community groups, and local charities.  Community over competition is what it’s all about!   First, I saw Lavender Blue team up with Suzanne Gardner to deliver prepared meals and flowers together, with partial proceeds to support Mother’s of Family Transition Place – amazing!   Then I saw Readers’ Choice, Sproule’s Emporium, & Blumen on Broadway working together to make gift collections available to purchase – fantastic!   More recently I’ve seen Healing Moon team up with Celebrate your Awesome to sell t-shirts in support of Pride and Diversity in our local community – truly awesome!   Bluebird Café & Grill is featuring a contest this month, also in support of Celebrate your Awesome, and it requires participants to submit a painting of Downtown Orangeville  - love it!   Some of you have teamed up with local community groups to donate meals to hospital workers, the food bank, front-line workers and more.  Others have generously donated your time to one of these worthy causes or offered your support to a business neighbour by way of advice or discounted services. There are too many amazing collaborations and acts of kindness to mention here, some that I’m sure we are not even aware of, but we’re so proud of how much our Downtown community cares!  Why are collaborations so great?  Because they show the community that we get along, we look out for each other, we cheer each other on!   Customers love to see this!  Afterall, this is why BIA’s were created in the first place -  to band together in tough times, and for the simple fact that we can achieve so much more together than we can alone.   Keep looking out for one another and stay safe everyone!