Local food is a hot topic and the movement is gaining momentum as more people recognize the benefits of eating food grown or raised close to home.  If the health, environmental, and economic benefits are not compelling enough, the taste will get you every time!  Local food tastes better, period.  Now in its 27th year of celebrating local food, the Orangeville Farmers’ Market has a long history of offering a wide variety of fresh from the farm vegetables, fruit, meats, and treats.  The only way to find fresher food closer to home is to grow it yourself.  By shopping for fresh, delicious local food at the Orangeville Farmers’ Market you can avoid shopping in frigid air conditioning for artificially ripened produce and avoid the pitfalls of growing your own. Local food tastes even better when it’s paired with local fun!  To celebrate the Opening Day of the Orangeville Farmers’ Market on Saturday, May 6th, the ladies of Orangeville Insurance are looking forward to flipping some flapjacks at the free pancake breakfast from 8 am – 11 am!  Connect with your community, enjoy some live music, treat the kids to a pony ride, or indulge them with free face painting courtesy of the Businesses and Merchants of Downtown Orangeville and then shop the market at your leisure.  As if all of that does not sound exciting enough, be sure to visit Orangeville Hydro at the market and take advantage of their free bucket trucks rides!  Market Saturdays are special – celebrate small town living and get to know your community all while supporting our local economy and treating yourself and your family to better food. If you live in Orangeville or the surrounding area you already know that Downtown Orangeville has a lot going for it – it’s a big part of why so many families relocate here or why so many have stayed for generations.  Beyond its beauty and character, Downtown Orangeville has lots of great locally owned stores & restaurants as well as a vast array of service businesses to help you with whatever you need.  We have truly wonderful art; superb live, professional theatre; great live music; and a spectacular train ride just around the corner.  Go ahead and give yourself an excuse to come Downtown and treat yourself to something special, a great coffee, something fabulous for yourself or something beautiful and practical for your home.  Support your business neighbors and Live Local, Buy Local - you won’t be sorry, if fact, you’ll probably wonder why you don’t do it more often!   Alison Scheel