Strategic Plan

FOCUS 2026
Orangeville BIA Strategic Plan

Guided by our vision and grounded in our core values, the Orangeville BIA’s commitment is to serve, lead and together build a prosperous downtown. Over the past year, we have worked as a team of committed Orangeville BIA leaders to craft this plan. It is based upon our strong foundation and success, and looks forward with optimism to building on our already strong assets for a future-ready downtown that serves our community and surrounding communities.

Focus 2026, our new plan, is focused on collaboration and working together. United we stand. When we have strong merchants thriving in a deeply connected, aligned community we can and will achieve our vision.

THE OBIA Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning is the process of defining a strategy or setting a direction and making decisions that effectively allocate resources (i.e. time/effort, money, people) to pursue this strategy. 

The OBIA Board and staff team committed time and resources to collaborate on the development of a 3-Year Strategic Plan that reflected on the past with a collective experience, assessed the present through varied expertise, and actively planned for the future with an optimistic yet realistic approach to decision-making.

The Orangeville BIA Strategic Planning Process included 5 key phases: 

Diagnose for Clarity – Where we are now

Strategic Foundation for Alignment – Where we want to be

Analysis Tools to Prioritize – What we need or need to change

Planning Tools for Focus – How we will get there

Tracking to Monitor Progress – How we will stay on track

This process shaped the plan and priorities. 

What Matters Now

Trends and cultural shifts that are influencing downtowns and specifically Downtown Orangeville were identified: 

Café Culture 

An anticipated demand to create a more robust café culture that is fueled by a growing, local, creative class and key demographics (18-32 and aging Boomers) keen to live in walkable community with easy access to amenities and easy social connections. Downtown Orangeville is an attractive place to live and work, especially with the increase in remote and hybrid employment, an expanding gig economy, and new, mixed-use housing/commercial developments on the horizon.

Disruptive Change

Disruptive Change can spur productive advancement when organizations prepare and adapt. Multi-generational living, 4-day work weeks, and a fundamental shift from a vehicle-dependent culture to a one dependent on electric vehicles, ride shares, transit expansion, improved walkability and cycling infrastructure will create opportunities for savvy organizations and businesses that embrace change. 

Economic Reality

Global health issues impact consumer behaviour and have drastic, long-term effects on the world economy; two truths that were top of mind as this plan was drafted. Inflation pressures, recession threats, rising interest rates, supply chain issues, and workforce shortages may have long term impacts on new, local developments, commercial vacancy rates, and the over-all health of the community. Fiscal pressures to increase revenues, cut deliverables or slash costs are universal challenges, and the OBIA is no exception. Recent experience dictates a continued need for flexibility to allow for the ongoing reassessment of operations and reallocation of resources as situations warrant.

The Downtown We Want

When people reflect on Downtown Orangeville, we want them to think of:

Arts, Food, and Entertainment 

To be renowned as the destination for locals and visitors (day-trippers and short-stay tourists) to experience and enjoy often. Art is in everything we do, including the delicious food on your plate, artful store windows, enchanting and surprising public art, lively music on our stages and streets, and the engaging storytelling performed at Theatre Orangeville. 


A feeling of genuine welcome, inclusivity, and sense of belonging, even when far from home. Hidden gems and creative surprises deepen your experience and captivate minds. A stroll through our streets is both relaxing and uplifting; filled with the authentic sights, sounds and aromas of a warm, welcoming, increasingly diverse, and creative community.

Heritage plus 

With big town tastes and sounds wrapped up in the quintessential, small-town charm of yesteryear, Downtown Orangeville is Dufferin County’s most delightful destination.

The BIA We Want

To build the Downtown we want, we need a strong and vital BIA. With scarce resources we need to make wise decisions that will benefit Downtown today and tomorrow. To achieve this, we commit to: 

Building on Our Strengths

Welcoming locals, newcomers and tourists alike to experience all the delights of Downtown Orangeville.

Improving our Capacity and Capabilities

Investment in the expertise, structure, and systems required to take our BIA to the next level.

Empowering our Members

Engaging and supporting our members to foster their growth and prosperity.

Working Smarter

Building and maintaining strong relationships with partners and stakeholders to create synergy and momentum for greater results.

Being Future Ready

Fostering a beautiful heritage environment while embracing appropriate shifts and trends that will actively shape our downtown and continue to attract businesses, residents, and visitors.