Orangeville Business Improvement Area (OBIA)

Adopted in 1976, the Orangeville BIA (OBIA) was created in an effort to build a stronger business area in an era when traditional downtowns began the struggle to compete against malls and plazas.  Its goal was to bring independent business people together to build a stronger business area.  The OBIA currently represents over 230 businesses in the Fairgrounds Shopping Centre and in the downtown area, from Lakeview Court and the Best Western in the east along Broadway to Faulkner St. and includes all or portions of several side streets in between.  Read more…

OBIA Board of Management Meeting Schedule:

Until further notice, OBIA Board of Management Meetings will be held at 7 am on the third Thursday of each month via Zoom.  This schedule is subject to change.  Meetings are open for public viewing.   For a meeting schedule and a public meeting link, please email

The OBIA Board of Management meets once per month (with the exception of the month of August).  Periodically, the Board will meet for additional Special Board of Management meetings and regular Board meetings may be rescheduled or cancelled due to scheduling conflicts or inclement weather etc. Please call or email the BIA office in advance of meetings to confirm dates.

The Annual General Meeting is held in late January or early February each year.  Invitations are sent to members and public notices are posted in local media.

OBIA Board of Management and the Annual General Meeting are open to the public to attend, however as per the Municipal Act, closed or in-camera sessions may be called within these meetings from time to time.  Public participation (delegations, comments, questions. presentations, etc.) are not permitted unless arranged in advance with BIA staff. 

Meeting Agenda and Minutes are available upon request at or 519 942-0087.