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Meetings – During the Covid-19 State of Emergency, OBIA Board Meetings will take place electronically on the Third Thursday of each Month at 9 am.  Better Together Task Force meetings will take place at 8:30 am on the second Tuesday of each month.  Please note: These dates and times are subject to change.

The agenda can be found here.

Next Board Meeting: The next Board of Management of Management meeting will take place on Thursday, January 7th 2021 at 9am.  The Meeting Agenda will be posted on this page the day preceding the meeting.   The meeting can be accessed through this link:  Board of Management Meeting.  Tips for accessing the meeting can be found below.

Please Note:

  • If you don’t subscribe to Microsoft Teams, choose the “Watch on the web instead” option and then click on “Join Anonymously”.
  • Members of the BIA and the general public are permitted access to the meeting but may not participate in discussion.
  • If you have any comments, questions or issues that you would like to be addressed at the meeting, please send them in advance to Alison at by 5pm the ay preceding each meeting.
  • Delegations for future meetings can be arranged with 7 days advance notice; notice of future meetings will be posted here.

Meeting Minutes available upon request.


October – B of M October 15th 2020

September – Agenda Special Meeting September 28 2020

September – B of M Agenda September 24 2020

July Special Meeting – Agenda Special Meeting July 30 2020

July – B of M Agenda July 16th 2020

June – B of M Agenda June 18th 2020

May – B of M Agenda May 19th 2020 2

April – B of M Agenda April 16th 2020

April – B of M Agenda April 9 2020

February – B of M Agenda February 19 2020

AGM Presentation 2020 Final

AGM 2020 Agenda

January – Agenda January 14 2020


October – Task Force Agenda October 2019

October – Agenda Board of Management October 30 2019

September – Agenda September 17 2019

July – Agenda July 17 2019

June – Agenda June 19 2019

May – Agenda May 15 2019

April – Agenda April 17 2019

April – Agenda Package Better Together Task Force April 9 2019

March – Agenda March 20 2019

February – Agenda February 20 2019

AGM Presentation 2019 Final\Oc

Community Assessment

Roger Brooks/Destination Development Community Assessment

Assessment Findings and Suggestions – Video

Assessment Findings and Suggestions – PDF

Member Welcome Package 2020

Welcome Package

Permit & Miscellaneous Applications

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