The Ride to the 100th Grey Cup comes to downtown Orangeville on November 21. Orangeville is the last overnight stop for the stagecoach procession travelling from Kincardine to Toronto for the CFL Grey Cup Championship taking place on November 25th.   At approximately 3 p.m. on November 21, Mayor Rob Adams and members of Council, Town Crier Andrew Welch, representatives of the Orangeville Outlaws football team, and some other special guests will be on hand to welcome the stagecoach procession. A ceremony with Kincardine officials will take place in front of the Town Hall. Mayor Adams will present some Orangeville memorabilia to the officials and take a stagecoach ride around the Broadway medians.   This is not the first time that the stagecoach has come to Orangeville for the Grey Cup. The Ride to the 100th Grey Cup, as it's being called, is rooted in Kincardine history and on two previous trips Orangeville was on the route.   In 1961, 12 Kincardine locals took a surrey to Toronto for the Grey Cup. The group was met by a CBC film crew just outside of Orangeville to wish the Kincardine team well on the remainder of their journey to Toronto.   A second trip, in 1970, hit an exciting and unexpected snag when the stage coach was attacked by bandits outside the Greenock swamp, between Kincardine and Walkerton. The stage was pulled over by eight masked robbers on horses. The robbers stole the gold and luggage from the stagecoach and headed for the depths of the Greenock swamp where the sheriff and police retrieved the stolen goods. Upon arrival in Toronto, the group met with Mayor William Dennison and delivered their recovered parcel -- a gold bullion -- to the Royal Bank.   The 2012 Ride to the 100th Grey Cup stagecoach will be accompanied by outriders, as well as a police escort.